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BLACK MAGIC (1975) December 31, 2003 Celestial Pictures

AKA: 降頭
DVD (Region 3): December 31, 2003
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Publisher: celestialpictures.com

From the director of Flying Guillotine and Cave of Silken Web!

In this outrageous horror hit from Hong Kong's legendary Shaw Brothers, a young couple engaged to be married, Hsu Lo (Ti Lung, Legend of the Drunken Master) and Wang Chu-ying (Lily Li, Shaolin Executioner), are tormented by sexy widow Lo Yin (Tanny Tien Ni, The Magic Blade), who consults a necromancer to cast a love spell on the unwilling object of her affections. Unfortunately, the scheming sorcerer has plans of his own that lead to horrific consequences for everyone involved, with a spellbinding finale that pits two magicians against each other in the ultimate battle between light and darkness! Delirious, gruesome, and shocking, this macabre classic of '70s cult cinema comes to American home video for the first time, presented fully restored and uncut!

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December 31, 2003

Celestial Pictures

BLACK MAGIC (1975) (Thailand)
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September 11, 2007
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