THE TIGRESS OF SHAOLIN (1979) November 22, 2007 Intercontinental Video Limited

AKA: 痳瘋怪拳
DVD (Region 3): November 22, 2007
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Joining Shaw Brothers in 1977, Kara Hui quickly became one of the studio's signature kung fu heroines. Amongst the studio's list of swordswomen, Hui is particularly memorable because of her strong facial features and tough image, all the more remarkable since Hui does not hail from a martial arts background. She left a deep impression with her performances in films like Dirty Ho, Clan of the White Lotus, and My Young Auntie, which won Hui the Best Actress statuette at the inaugural 1st Hong Kong Film Awards. Written and directed by Lo Chi (Thunderbolt), 1979 period action comedy The Tigress of Shaolin is Hui's first starring film, with the budding actress showing her speed and agility alongside martial artists Lau Ka Yung and Lin Hui Huang. The classic story of good versus evil is sprinkled with many strange kung fu moves and humorous set pieces, making for a lighthearted, action-packed viewing. The Tigress of Shaolin pulled in respectable box office at the time, and helped establish Kara Hui's fighting image. Hui Ying-hung, legendary director Chang Cheh¡¦s discovery, and the prot?mg?m of equally legendary director Liu Chia-liang co-stars with Liu¡¦s nephew, Liu Chia-yung in this fast-paced, action packed comedy of kung-fu characters. Liu Chia-yung is saved from drug smugglers by Hui Ying-hung, whose godfather is a ¡§drunken master¡¨ and whose leprous godmother is mistress of the fairly off-putting Leprosy Boxing style. Action choreographers Huang Hsia and Chen Ti-ke also appear in this amusing, entertaining winner where flesh really gets into the fighting.
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November 22, 2007
Intercontinental Video Limited