SHOCK WAVE (Special Edition) (DVD) (1977) November 25, 2014 Blue Underground

SHOCK WAVE (Special Edition) (1977)
DVD: November 25, 2014
List Price: $19.99

n the dark days of World War II, the Nazi High Command ordered its scientists to create a top secret race of indestructible zombie storm troopers - un-living, unfeeling, unstoppable monstrosities that killed with their bare hands. They were known as The Death Corps. No member of this horrific SS unit was ever captured by the Allied Forces - and, somewhere off the coast of Florida, they have survived...

Peter Cushing (STAR WARS), Brooke Adams (INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS) and John Carradine (THE BOOGEY MAN) star in this suspenseful and genuinely creepy shocker co-written and directed by Ken Wiederhorn (RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD PART II). One of the great horror "sleepers" of the 1970s, SHOCK WAVES has been freshly transferred and fully restored in High Definition from the only known surviving materials!

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  • Directed by: Ken Wiederhorn (Return of the Living Dead II) Starring: Peter Cushing (Star Wars), Brooke Adams (The Dead Zone), John Carradine (The Howling) Release Date: November 25, 2014
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November 25, 2014
Blue Underground

SHOCK WAVE (Special Edition) (DVD) (1977)
November 25, 2014
Blue Underground