MAD MONKEY KUNG FU (1982) Aug 09, 2011 Dragon Dynasty

Mad Monkey Kung Fu: The Shaw Brothers Classic Collection (1982)

09 Aug 2011
Dragon Dynasty (

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Kung fu master Chen is tricked and his hands crippled by the villainous gangster and brothel-keeper Tuen (Lo Lieh), who also forces his sister (Kara Hui) into prostitution. No longer able to practice the martial arts, he becomes a lowly street entertainer, performing with his beloved trained monkey Ah Mao. Monkey is a petty thief and meets Chen and the two begin an odd friendly relationship until Tuen's men slaughter Chens pet monkey, causing Little Monkey (Hsiao Hou) to try and take revenge for him. Monkey is trained by Master Chen and believes he is strong enough and leaves Master Chen.


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Spotlight: Dragon Dynasty Collection Volume 1
posted Apr 7, 2012 1:13 PM by Vu Nguyen


Executioners From Shaolin/Martial Arts of Shaolin/Mad Monkey Kung Fu/Five Shaolin Masters
(Oct 18, 2011)
To be honest, I was holding out for the Bluray version of these films, but I found this boxset at Wal-Mart for $12.98.  It such a good steal that I had to buy it.  I picked up the only copy at my local Wal-Mart, so I'm assuming supplies are limited (or are selling really well).

There are no special features, but all four films contain the English audio tracks.  The other neat feature is that they are in "slim" cases.

I've only seen two of these movies but I can tell you that the best of this bunch is EXECUTIONERS FROM SHAOLIN, featuring the classic Pai Mei character.  Three Liu Chia-Liang and one Chang Cheh film, so the majority of these films learn towards "comedy kungfu".

NOTE: There are no numbers on the spine.