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A Blu Christmas

posted Dec 27, 2009, 8:06 PM by Vu Nguyen   [ updated Dec 27, 2009, 9:41 PM ]
From Vu

I am migrating all my movies to Bluray. In fact, I'm going from just 10 or so items to about 50 in a week. I'm not buying any DVDs from here on, with the exception of Five Element Ninjas (Super Ninjas). This is my most favorite movie ever and it'll kill me if I had to wait for the bluray version well into 2011 or so.

As you can see from the photograph on the right, I'm starting to collect those wonderful bluray "books".  Unfortunately, those particular discs are pretty expensive.  Also, there's a collection of "steel cases" from Best Buy, but those are usually priced at $35 or so, too expensive for my blood.

Incidentally, since space is an issue for me, those "bigger" standard DVD case, I normally toss out and replace them with a slimmer DVD case.  I'm hoping for the industry to come up with small/thinner bluray cases.  I've seen them used for the Star Trek and Harry Potter boxsets, so I can't see why people aren't producing them for sale.

The average price I will pay for a bluray that I've already own on DVD, I am paying about $15.  The most expensive I've paid for was the Star Trek Boxset for $80 (even though I've already own all the original DVD releases).  Fringe was $50, Angels & Demons came with an audio book for $30 (this is a Best Buy exclusive).  Ronin bluray was bought for $9 at amazon.com.  Couldn't pass that up!

Also, I got the Ichi bluray prior to Christmas Day, so I was quite pleased with that.  I did see that bluray at Best Buy for $30, so it was a deal online. 

For Christmas, my siblings and I, pitched together to get the Insignia® - Blu-ray Disc Player with Wi-Fi and 1080p Output (NS-WBRDVD) for our parents.  I also had to setup the player for the 'rents.  It's not as intuitive as it should be, and it would not connect (to update) via WEP wifi.  I had to actually had to hook up an ethernet cable to do the update.  Once the new firmware update was installed, you can now stream Netflix (which was the primary reason why we got this player for our parents).  By the way, the Bluray player interface is not very user-friendly.  Why is the Netflix icon buried under the "Connect" icon?

When you put in a data disc (with MP4 or AVI files), to me, the disc should autoplay, but instead, you have to browse to "Disc" and "open" manually.  There's a lot of improvement they can work on for the next iteration of this product. 

It seems like I'm complaining a lot for a product that I'm not even using!  Well the report I got from the parents is that they LOVE the Netflix feature.  So there you have it. 

For about $200, this is a pretty solid product, from my brief encounter with it.  However, if you want to pony up another $100, I recommend just getting the Playstation 3, where you get the Netflix streaming, bluray support, the AVI/data files (it supports DIVX), and it also plays PS3 games.  Whatever you do, don't get an Xbox 360.  Since I got my red ring of death (everyone I know had this at one point) and their lack of bluray support (as far as I know, there's been no announcement that xbox is getting bluray since their failed HD-DVD add-on player), I have been an xbox hater.  I hate the xbox, and so does the nation of Japan.

PS, I noticed that between the Insignia and PS3 netflix streaming, is that the PS3 is much faster.  For instance, I can browse the movie cover artwork as soon as I arrive in a genre (the images loads up in the background as I'm browsing).  The Insignia waits until everything is downloaded before it will even let you move around.