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Affordable 3D?

posted May 28, 2012, 8:35 AM by Vu Nguyen
Like many of you, I bought an HDTV on sale, and, of course, just around the corner, 3D TV came onto the scene.

Since I probably won't buy an 3D TV anytime soon because prices are still expensive (I see them as about $1000 or more), your only option is to do the Blue/Red color shift. That Red/Blue 3D technology is generally inferior to modernage 3D because of the dis-colorization of the movie.

It might also be in your interest to wait it out until the 3D war is sorted out, which is between active and passive 3D.

Here are some pros/cons:

  • Full resolution
  • Glasses requires batteries
  • Half resolution
  • Plastic/cheap glasses

  • Most movie theaters uses passive technology in the form of RealD cinema. The reason is for cost because a $60 pair of active glasses is a lot more than the almost-disposable $0.65 plastic polarize glasses (pricing is taken as bulk prices from the New York Times).

    The only problem with passive is that it will only display half the resolution, since one line is display for the left eye and the second line is displayed for the right eye. With active, the full image is display, but alternating frequency. That's why the glasses has to be in sync with the display and has to alternate blocking out the left or right eye.

    Personally, I think passive is winning because the technology required is much cheaper. Besides, you probably have taken home one or two pair of polarize glasses from the theaters. You can use these for your passive 3D.

    Anyway. I don't have a 3D TV, but I have been buying 3D Bluray because I know it's just a matter of time and when prices drop that I will eventually get a display capable of showing 3D.

    The most affordable pricing I've seen is the discounted 3D PS3 Display for the average price of $300 (down from $500). I've even seen it as low as $250, but the only problem is that it's only 24". It uses active technology, so getting the one free pair of glasses is actually a bargain.

    The next best price is $444 online for VIZIO 32" Class 3D LCD HDTV (refurbished versions for $320.50). I've brought things on refurb before, I've never had a problem with them.

    I'm probably going to just wait it out. I know there are glass-less 3D TV coming out, we'll see how well those work.  By then, I'm sure prices for 3D TV will be affordable.