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Amazing Spider-Man at the discount theater

posted Sep 4, 2012, 1:49 PM by Vu Nguyen

June 15, 2012
Sony Pictures
Just saw the recent AMAZING SPIDER-MAN movie at the discount theater. In some ways this reboot is more true to the Stan Lee/Steve Ditko's original comic book, however it also deviate from the source material. What I liked is that they brought back the Peter Parker and Flash Thompson rivalry (even though the Thompson character is given more sympathetic midway into the film) and the web cartridges. Overall, the new film is a better film than Sam Raimi's trilogy, which did not have a strong finish with the comical third film (what's with that dancing sequence?).

Now for some moments in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN that did not make any sense to me (WARNING: SPOILERS).

#1 Peter Parker gets into a high security section of Oscorp. It's not that he figures out how to break in, but the fact that he's now standing in a room filled with radioactive spiders and not really freaking out or anything.
#2 This is set in the modern age, with internet… however Peter is clearly shooting photos with a film (read: not digital) camera.
#3 Police shows Peter a sketch of the gunman who shot Uncle Ben: the criminal is wearing sunglasses. That's like showing a sketch of him wearing a ski-mask.
#4 The Lizard's ultimate evil plan was to turn everyone in New York into lizards. Okay, we know that he turns back into human after a while, so what is the point of turning people into lizards when they'll revert back to humans? And also, when does he have time to setup a lab in the sewers or update his video blog?
#5 The tiny device that the Lizard brought to the top of the Oscorp building, why does it have a loud speaker announcing the countdown? Also, I thought it was lame how the green liquid = bad, blue liquid = good.

Silliness aside, it's still a solid stand-alone movie. I'm not particularly excited to see a sequel. You do realize that Peter Parker lives next door to Mary Jane, who wasn't even mentioned in this movie. It's all about Gwen Stacy for this movie.