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Beware of current and future Lionsgate films

posted Sep 11, 2019, 9:51 PM by Vu Nguyen

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This is just a warning to movie lovers and a public service announcement: beware of new and future Lionsgate releases.

If you buy new Lionsgate movies, you are now required to download their Lionsgate VIP app to get access to your digital copy.

Of course, the first thing I did was trying to bypass this by using their website … but it just won't work. You’ll need their app to scan a hologram and QR code.

In my experience with it, it had a terrible time trying to scan in the code and I'm not the only one - just take a look at all the negative reviews. They all say the same thing, they just can't get it to work. And it's so frustrating, especially because there was nothing wrong with the original way of redeeming your movies (by typing in a long code).

The biggest problem is that Lionsgate forces you to download and use their unwanted app. To add insult, you're also required to give them your email address and allow them access to your camera (to scan).

I did eventually get the app to scan in my hologram code and it offered some redemption options: Vudu, iTunes, etc. I tapped on Vudu and it errored out. Thankfully, the link contained a reference to the one-time generated code - and I manually typed that into Vudu account on my computer to finally get a digital copy of John Wick 3.

The whole experience left a very sour taste in my mouth, and like many of these negative reviewers (which is an overwhelming 90% negative reviews), I'm probably not going to buy another Lionsgate film in the future. This thing is a nightmare.

I guess I can look on the bright side of things, I’ll save money from not buying John Wick 4.

Here is a small sample of some reviews:

Totally worthless on a tablet. Lionsgate must be trying to get one over on the customer. You can redeem your digital code any other way that works.

If I could I would rate this app 0/5. Very shifty way to redeem your digital copy and even more tedious if the scan does not work. Having to contact their support(forces you to opt into email sub service) to get the code that should have just came in the box with the movie. This is app is just a way to seize a way into your personal data for them to collect and use at whatever discretion. Screw this app and the people behind it.

Unnecessary app. Just adds extra steps to download. It's all a scam to collect your email as there is no option to opt out of marketing emails. On top of that app barely works as intended (unless it was intended to piss off its user and in that case bravo for this s#@!.)

Not ready for prime time. Had to install it on 2 different devices to get it to work. And they force you to supply your email. Intrusive and unnecessary.

It sucks. I tried to redeem a code for over an hour and couldn't redeem it. Go back to the goddamn code you used to have.

Doesn't work for scanning codes at all. Bad move by Lionsgate. Prepare for a customer service nightmare.

Does not work. There are images layered on top of the form that needs to be filled in. App also asks for location info to redeem a move you already bought.

First of all, i do not need another app. I have plenty. I have a Vudu account and that is all i want. I just purchased John Wick 3, and i can not get the scan code to work for the Lionsgate app. So they lied. There is no digital copy. The app does not work.

Agree with most other reviews. Absolutely worthless app. I was able to scan the code, but then it wouldn't allow me to redeem the movie.

Absolutely horrible to FORCE customers to install your company app JUST TO GET WHAT THEY PURCHASED! I will never purchase another Lionsgate Title!

Horrible app! Installed app, finally after 30 minutes got to scan. Then while trying to go to email it kept telling me password was incorrect. By the time I got into email, movie scan and app disappeared! No icon, nothing even though it says app installed. Probably have close to 500 digital movies. First & last time I will ever go through this, never again!

Trash, imagine making something simple and fast, no longer simple and fast.... Have to download a stupid app, wasting space, JUST TO REDEEM A MOVIE TO WATCH ON A DIFFERENT APP. IDIOTIC!!!! 0/5 RATING IF I COULD..... DELETED

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