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Blame It on the Hustle

posted Feb 25, 2013, 6:56 PM by Vu Nguyen
I got a press release about Blame it on the Hustle, a new independent movie coming out in 2013 abut the Black Mafia Family. Described as an urban New Jack City meets Boys in the Hood meets Goodfellas. Looking over their non-existent website (blameitonthehustle.com), there's virtually no information about the film.

What I can tell you is that they list Vin Diesel as presenting the film.  He's lending his name to the picture, in the same way Quentin Tarantino does to various films. Also starring DMX - along with his Exit Wounds co-star Steven Seagal. Filming is currently in preproduction and will be filming in New York in Spring 2013.

Synopsis for the film below:

Directed By: Agustin

Blame It on the Hustle is an urban crime drama that follows the rise of the 1st Black Mafia Family in NYC. In a desperate attempt to corner organized crime, the Italian Mafia makes an unlikely alliance, contracting 'The Hit Boys' to eliminate competition arising from rival crime families of various ethnicities.

Sensing opportunity, Bigga Pearl gathers his crew, dubbed 'The Hit Boys' to take on the job. Led by Bigga, the members; Prince, portrayed by multi-platinum rapper DMX, Riz, Wolf, Lo Boogie, Shaz and Jay, carry out the hits as requested, taking out a series of high profile targets. Business is good, that is, until the Hit Boys realize they've been betrayed by their own people.

Bigga uses his alliance with the Italian Mob to climb the ranks of the criminal underworld, using the backs of his friends. Jay is set up and exposed as a snitch, changing the lives of everyone involved.

The Hit Boys appoint a new leader, Prince, who strategically comes up with a way for the crew to leave the streets behind while extending their reach and power. Expanding into music and entertainment, they solidify their position in the ranks of organized crime by dealing arms from the Russians. The Hit Boys’ rise to power infuriates old enemies and attracts new ones. Things go from bad to worse.

In this tale of lies and betrayal, the Hit Boys hustle to stay on top as the feud between their music industry rivals and Mob enemies come to a head. Everything is not what it appears to be, and when things go left, there is only one thing you can do... Blame It on the Hustle.