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Chung Chang-Wha to receive Lifetime Achievement Award at the 11th New York Asian Film Festival

posted May 10, 2012, 3:03 PM by Vu Nguyen

Celestial Pictures
(30 Dec 2004)
First Details Released on The 11th New York Asian Film Festival
May 9th, 2012 
By Doctor Gash

The opening night film is Pang Ho-cheung’s astonishingly filthy, extremely hilarious Vulgaria, a movie about making movies, shot in just 12 days, all about gangsters named Brother Tyrannosaur, sleazy lawyers, the sex film industry, and men who love donkeys a little too much. The Hollywood Reporter calls it a “...laugh-out-loud, aptly titled comedy.” Pang himself, Hong Kong's hottest young director, will be a guest of the festival, and we'll be presenting his new romantic comedy, Love in the Buff, about a couple who meet in the smoke break alley outside their office building and try to make their romance work despite cell phones dropped in toilets, friends who have the death touch, and corporate moves to Beijing.

We'll also be giving a Lifetime Achievement Award to Chung Chang-Wha, the great Korean action director whose 1972 movie for Hong Kong’s Shaw Brothers studio, Five Fingers of Death, was the first international martial arts hit to break through in the West. It launched the kung-fu craze over here, and we’ll have him in the house for a screening of a gorgeous print of Five Fingers of Death.

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