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Coming Soon: Grand Duel, Spaghetti Western Unchained, and Sexcula

posted Feb 8, 2013, 9:20 PM by Vu Nguyen

May 21, 2013
Blue Underground
NOTE: These are all DVD release.  As much as I want to support Blue Underground and Synapse, I will be waiting for the Blu-Ray version. I saw the Mill Creeks Double Feature with Keoma for $5, but this Blue Underground version of GRAND DUEL will feature audio commentary from C. Courtney Joyner and Henry Parke .  The KEOMA DVD released by Anchor Bay and Blue Underground also contained audio commentary, so that's definitely something nice to have.


...Be Quick Or Be Dead! After their powerful father is brutally murdered, the Saxon Brothers hire a group of bounty hunters to bring suspected killer Philipp Wermeer to justice. But when grizzled Sheriff Clayton saves the fugitive Philipp's life, the two set out to confront the Saxons and reveal the shocking truth about who really killed The Patriarch.

The legendary Lee Van Cleef (FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE, THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY, and ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK) stars in this classic 'Spaghetti Western' stylishly directed by Giancarlo Santi from a clever screenplay written by Ernesto Gastaldi (TORSO, CASE OF THE BLOODY IRIS). Also known as THE BIG SHOWDOWN and STORM RIDER, GRAND DUEL has been newly transferred in stunning High Definition from the original Italian negative and fully restored for this release!

  • Audio Commentary with Journalists C. Courtney Joyner and Henry Parke
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • Spaghetti Western Trailer Reel

    May 21, 2013
    Blue Underground
    Four action-packed, must-see 'Spaghetti Westerns' starring the legendary Franco Nero and Tomas Milian


    Franco Nero (CAMELOT) stars as the lone stranger who roams the West dragging a coffin filled with chaos towards a destiny ruled by vengeance. Co-writer/director Sergio Corbucci (THE GREAT SILENCE) packs his landmark classic with indelible images, unforgettable performances and some of the most shocking brutality of any 'Spaghetti Western' ever made. This is the still-controversial epic that defined a genre, launched a phenomenon and inspired over 50 unofficial sequels. This is the one and only DJANGO!

    Tomas Milian (TRAFFIC) stars as a half-breed bandit double-crossed and left for dead who rises from the grave to seek his revenge. But when his quest leads to a bizarre town called 'The Unhappy Place,' he is plunged into an odyssey of gruesome torture, graphic violence and relentless sexual depravity. This is the landmark movie that fans and critics still consider to be the strangest - and most controversial - 'Spaghetti Western' ever made. This is DJANGO KILL!

    Franco Nero (DIE HARD 2) is KEOMA, a half-breed gunfighter weary of killing as a way of life. But when he returns to his troubled childhood home, Keoma is caught in a savage battle between innocent settlers, sadistic bandits and his vengeful half-brothers. In a wasteland gone mad with rage and pain, can one man massacre his way to redemption?

    Franco Nero (STREET LAW) stars as Burt Sullivan, a tough Texas sheriff who heads deep into Mexico with his younger brother to arrest the man who murdered their father years earlier. But when they uncover a shocking family secret, the brothers find themselves trapped in a lawless land where violence is a pastime, vengeance is a birthright and sudden death is a way of life.

    SEXCULA (1974) (DVD)
    April 9, 2013
    Impulse Pictures

    “Those Evil Deeds of the Countess…SEXCULA!”

    SEXCULA is a skin flick of legendary lost status. Shot in Vancouver, British Columbia, it was screened once before disappearing and sought after by cult aficionados for decades. Now, Impulse Pictures is proud to bring you the world premiere of SEXCULA.  Sex film fans can finally get a look at this elusive crazy Canadian erotic/horror hybrid for the first time ever.

    Starring a Marilyn Chambers lookalike in dual roles as Countess Sexcula, a buxom cutie with no qualms about lying nude on a table for the entire movie, and a horny bride who can’t wait for her ring.  The nudity and sex are delivered nonstop in this campy horror romp. Watch in amazement at the naked picnic, the “girl-on-gorilla” strip tease, and stare in awe as a female pleasure-robot puts the plot into a time warp!

    Bizarre only begins to describe… SEXCULA!

    Digital (1.33:1) Transfer from the ONLY Remaining Theatrical Print Stored in the Basement of the Canadian Film Archives
    Original Theatrical Trailer
    Liner Notes from Porn Archaeologist Dimitrios Otis