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Deals: Star Trek Enterprise Season One Blu-Ray for $7.55, plus digital comics

posted Dec 30, 2017, 6:48 AM by Vu Nguyen
From Vu

Marvel Comics

Once in a while, you know I like to pass along really good deals.

As a big Star Trek fan, a close friend of mine told me about this really good deal for Star Trek: Enterprise Season 1 on Blu-Ray for only $7.55: amazon.com

I couldn't believe it, I ended up buying the first three season for about $50.

Let me tell you, I originally bought these on DVD for $50 each, so getting three seasons for the same price I paid for the DVD, I couldn't pass it up. 

Also worth noting: Enterprise is the first Star Trek they shot on HD, the other series were all shot and presented (originally) for Standard Definition for Television.

While you're there, just a reminder that the Kindle Store has a massive Marvel and DC Comics sales (as well as other publishers).  If you buy Kindle comics, they are also available on your Comixology, providing you link your two accounts.  While all the DC digital trades are sold for $4.99, regardless of page count, the Marvel sale to scaled to release dates or discounts based on pricing.  For example, Infinity Gauntlet is sold for $2.99 (256 pages), but Black Widow: Web of Intrigue is sold for $6.50 (176 pages).