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Dredd Blu-Ray won't play in PS3

posted Feb 3, 2013, 1:34 PM by Vu Nguyen

DREDD (2012)
January 8, 2013
Although the DREDD film did poorly in theaters, the film became the #1-selling DVD/Blu-Ray release the week it went on sale. More than half a million discs sold, with about 50% on Blu-Ray (which incidentally contains both the 3D and 2D version of the film).

The impressive numbers might point to two additional sequels - the Origin of Judge Dredd and the third film will be about Dredd's nemesis Judge Death.

Now for the bad news: Lionsgate makes terrible discs. I've been trying to figure out why it's just their discs that is defective in most players and I've come to one conclusion: it's an attempt to combat piracy. There are anti-copying devices built into their disc and some players, such as the popular PS3 won't load the disc. I've seen this first hand with a copy of the 90s version of TOTAL RECALL, where the player just won't see the disc at all.

Whatever they are putting on their disc: it's really not worth it. Stop it, Lionsgate, it is bad for your customers.

Here are some complaints from people who bought the disc and discover it won't work (taken from bestbuy.com) - edited for clarity:

Vic98 on 01/21/2013: Blu ray wouldn't load on up to date bd player. Tried new disc at store with same results. Ended up buying DVD and watching on up converting player. Issue with Best Buy's copies.
AnthonySG on 01/21/2013: Returned it twice, three defective copies … Immediately wanted to own it, so I bought it from Best Buy. A few days later, I went to go show some friends, and the disc wouldn't read in my PS3. Tried it in another PS3 and a computer's blu-ray drive, both wouldn't read it. I returned it for another copy. This one read, but the 3D version froze every 20-30 seconds. The 2D version worked great, but I bought the movie for the 3D. I returned this copy for another one that just flat-out didn't read like the first. When I went to return the third copy for a fourth ….
Bluraygeek on 01/20/2013: It doesn't load on either of my blu-ray players with the latest firmware updates. The first copy I purchased was unreadable by both of my blu-ray players. Naturally, I checked for updates, disabled BD-live, and tested out other new blu-rays such as The Dark Knight Rises. I came to the conclusion that the disc I received was defective so I went to Best Buy and exchanged it for another. The replacement also won't load…
SkippyPennsylvania on 01/18/2013: I have tried and returned two different copies of this from best buy. Neither would load. I tried them on 2 different 3d blu ray players and both were up to date with software. They must have gotten a bad batch.
Zeropilot on 01/15/2013: Won't play in 250GB PS3. My copy doesn't work Apparently this is an issue with Best Buy copies so I'll resort to watching the digital copy until I exchange it.

I want to buy the Blu-ray, but based on the poor feedback on the movie not able to play, I'm going to avoid this release.

A representative from Lionsgate offered these instructions. They worked for me, but it's because I don't have my PS3 connected to the internet - perhaps that was the key to disabling the BD-Live?

Step One - Disconnect From BD-Live
1. Under Settings, select Video Settings
2. Select BD Internet Connection and select Confirm

Step Two - Delete Cache/BD Data Utility
1. Under Video, highlight BD Data Utility and press Triangle
2. Select Delete and confirm

Step Three
Turn PS3 Completely Off

Step Four When prompted to connect to the internet (upon restarting the PS3), select No

Step Five
Play Movie

Even if following those instructions work for you - it's still rather annoying to go through a five-step process just to watch a movie. You know who doesn't have this problem? Pirates.