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Spotlight: Epic Heroes - Kung Fu's Ultimate Warriors tin boxset

posted Apr 2, 2012, 8:06 PM by Vu Nguyen

Shaw Brothers Metal Tin: Epic Heroes (17 Nov 2009)
I do prefer to watch foreign movies with subtitles, however if the film was originally filmed without audio like old Spaghetti Westerns and Shaw Brothers movies, then I actually like hearing their English Dubbed version.  Often time, like in the case of the original Mad Max and The Man with No Name trilogy, they have the main actor (Mel Gibson and Clint Eastwood) go back into the studio to dub over their own lines.

When Shaw Brothers movies are re-released for the Region 1/North American audience, I find it hard to understand why they don’t include the English audio.  Perhaps they lost the English dub, or probably most likely, never recorded an English soundtrack for the film

Thankfully, Well Go USA’s tin boxset of EPIC HEROES collects four of their DVD with the English dub!   The Tin case is nice, but it does look unnecessary big, and to access the other two DVDs, you have to open the case from the back.  If you own other tin cases, like those “cheap” Sherlock Holmes or public domain films, then you should already know how the tin case work

EPIC HEROES contains two “old” releases (THE HEROIC ONES and TWO CHAMPIONS OF SHAOLIN) with two “new” releases (HEROES SHED NO TEARS and DELIGHTFUL FOREST), so you won’t complain if the release has movies you’ve already own, since chances of you rushing out to get DELIGHTFUL FOREST is next to nil

Having already own and seen two of the DVDs, I found that all the movies are actually pretty good.  None of the plot is too overly complicated, although you may have an issue of who’s who in the epic THE HEROIC ONES

The boxset includes “free T-Shirt” offers, which have already expired and that I have never sent in. The shirt features the USA cover artwork for THE HEROIC ONES.