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Star Trek: The Best of Both Worlds

posted Apr 26, 2013, 5:10 PM by Vu Nguyen

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Star Trek
I was born too late for the original Star Trek, but I was lucky enough to have caught TNG from the beginning. My favorite character, easily, was Data, the android played by Brent Spiner. …
You know I love Star Trek, right? I got a chance to watch "Star Trek: The Best of Both Worlds" in theaters last night, April 25th. This was a one-night only special Fathom event. I thought it would just be a few hardcore fans, but I was wrong, the theater was packed full of Trekkers, some even wearing costumes. It was pretty awesome.

To give a little background on why this television show made it to the big screen, that's because CBS and Paramont are both going back to the vault and re-scanning the original negative and re-releasing Star Trek: The Next Generation on Blu-Ray in glorious 1080p. Since I already bought all the ST:TNG on DVD, I just didn't feel the need to sink back hundreds of dollars to re-buy them on BD. Sure, I've seen side-by-side comparison between the original DVD and BD prints - and yes, they look impressive. But I have to tell you, watching ST:TNG in the theater was pretty amazing. Particularly the nice close-ups! You can see the pores and costume details! I was so impressed that I may drop $53 on the Blu-Ray for Season 2 (sorry Season 1 was too slow).

"Star Trek: The Best of Both Worlds" originally aired as the cliffhanger for Season 3, so fans had to wait a whole summer to find out how Captain Picard made it back (if at all!) from being turned into a borg. The two-parter was seamlessly tied together as one continuous and uninterrupted story, with new digital/clean effects. It worked quite well; I didn't even know there was a "cut" in the middle of the story.

Prior to the "movie", we were also shown a 30 minute documentary on "The Best of Both Worlds". The featurette had brand new interviews with cast and crew (and oddly that guy from "The Family Guy") and summed up why everyone in the Star Trek universe agreed that "The Best of Both Worlds" was ST:TNG at its finest.

After the movie, we're also shown bloopers and outtakes. There is one really funny blooper, where Picard asked did we all play with ships in bottles as a boy? And Worf said, "I did not play with boys." That had a huge audience reaction.

Anyway, if you missed the one-time Star Trek event, then you can buy the Blu-Ray coming out April 30th. I believe all the features we saw in the theater will be available on BD. Since I already saw it, I probably won't pick up the Blu-Ray … but you know what they say, "Resistance is futile!"