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The Raid: Redemption review

posted Apr 1, 2012, 9:41 PM by Vu Nguyen

I saw The Raid: Redemption today.  This is the second of the Silat martial art style from director Gareth Evans and lead star Iko Uwais.   If you saw Merantau, you're already familiar with this fighting style, which is like really fast muay thai; lots of kicking and countering (while attacking).

The fight choreography is stunning to watch.  There are some things I didn't buy:  (1) these are supposed to be elite policemen, but the way they moved and their procedures just didn't feel right, (2) There are guns and shooting at the beginning of the movie, but then no one had guns anymore? What?  (3) They explained that the building had nothing but hardcore criminals and drug addicts - yet there are just regular normal tenants that live there too?  and (4) people who make drugs also doubles in martial arts, apparently.

Those problems are minor, and will be overlooked because that's not the point of this film. What this film does is deliver really great fight scenes to a very specific audience.  There are ways that people die that you'll never have seen before.  There are going to be some insane moves you've never seen before.  You'll think how can they top this? And they do!  

Of course, the plot is the weak part, but let's face it: you're not going to see The Raid: Redemption for the story.  The ending does lend itself to a sequel, so I guess we'll find out the next "story" arc in Raid II.  If you haven't seen Merantau, I suggest you stream it on Netflix or do Redbox (or just pick it up at a video store).