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Total Film: 7 Amazing Run Run Shaw Movies

posted Jan 14, 2014, 12:39 PM by Vu Nguyen
7 Amazing Run Run Shaw Movies
Jan 7th 2014 By Sam Ashurst

In tribute to the master of kung fu cinema...

A lot of people are labelled legends when they pass away, but in Sir Run Run Shaw's case, it's an understatement.

Living to a grand age of 107 - he considered retiring at 100 - the great man left behind a huge and wonderful legacy.

Shaw was present at the inception of Chinese cinema - his elder brother Runme ran a silent movie studio in the 1920s - before going on to create arguably China's most internationally beloved film production studio, Shaw Brothers Studio.

Best known for its kung fu output, Shaw Brothers Studio produced a wide range of genres - including musicals, comedy, horror, drama, opera, science fiction, fantasy - and sometimes a combination of all of the above in one movie.

It would be impossible to put together a list of Run Run's greatest movies - Shaw Brothers was responsible for nearly a thousand movies (at one stage they were producing 40 films a year), and Run Run's name ('produced by Run Run Shaw' was a seal of quality if ever there was one) was on the very best. But we've collected a handful of our favorites. What follows is by no means definitive, but a mere tip of the hat to a glorious career.

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