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Update (01/05/13)

posted Jan 5, 2013, 8:04 AM by Vu Nguyen

November 11, 2008
Image Entertainment

July 8, 2008
Image Entertainment
David writes:
In going through the Shaw Brothers collection, I noticed two Shaw movies from Eastern Masters not covered in your list: Bat Without Wings and Thunderbolt Fist

I -think- that's all that's missing, everything else seems to be accounted for.

How did you manage to keep tabs on the Dragon Dynasty dvds? Their websites don't update anymore, which is a pity.

Vu writes:
I've just added those two movies under the Eastern Masters/The Shaw Brothers Kung-Fu Collection (Image Entertainment) (DVD) section.

As for Dragon Dynasty - I think they were bought by another company and I've only bought their collected Shaw Brothers boxset. Absolutely no special features, but the price was right (cheap). I haven't bought DVDs since I've put all my chips in Blu-Rays. I don't want to have to buy movies twice, so I'm just waiting for all the Shaw Brothers movies to be put on BD.

Here's a picture of my Dragon Dynasty DVDs shelf. I only have six or so titles on Bluray.