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Why I won't buy Diablo 3

posted May 15, 2012, 4:32 PM by Vu Nguyen
So you bought Diablo 3 on launch day, May 15th.

Good luck on playing it. I've read that the Battle.net servers were taken offline so no one is playing the game right now.

You might remember that I bought Starcraft II, only to realize that you need a constant internet connection to play the single player campaign. I didn't like that. When Blizzard allowed us to test out their Diablo III beta stress test, I downloaded it to test it out. With the constant "error 37" I was getting, it reminded me that even though you "own" the game, you aren't allowed to play it.

Let's say all games now are required an internet connection, here are some scenarios:

1. Your internet goes out, can't play your games.
2. Blizzard servers goes down, you can't play
3. You forget your password (this happened to me with Guild Wars, now I can't play it).
4. Blizzard knows your gaming habit, they know you play 100 hours a week… even if they don't use this data for evil, some hacker could steal this?
5. Can't mod your game, no skinning, no godmode, etc.

I know these things aren't going to stop the average Blizzard fan, but I have to voice my opinion on this. I'm voting with my wallet, I'm not going to buy Diablo III. I know one less game sales isn't going to hurt Blizzard, but you have to send a message that you value the freedom to play games you own. I still have my old Baldur's Gate disc, maybe it's time to revisit those games. Imagine doing that with Diablo III when Blizzard no longer support D3 (meaning: you can't play it).