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Womb (2010)

posted Aug 2, 2011, 1:26 PM by Vu Nguyen
I normally write about music at weheartmusic.com, but after seeing this film, I was inspire to write about it.  Unfortunately it doesn't fit in with music, so I'm putting it here.

I just saw one of the strangest movie called WOMB. Not strange like David Lynch, but strange in how the movie makes you feel.

WOMB is a German film, but it's clearly aimed at the English-speaking audience, especially with the British accents.

The movie about two childhood friends (Tommy and Rebecca) and their love for each other. They swore eternal true love, but ultimately the boy dies in a horrible car accident right on the verge of their developing boyfriend/girlfriend relationship.  Stricken with sadness, she had Tommy's embryo put inside of her womb and she gives birth to Tommy's clone (he's also named Tommy, but for clarity sake, I'm calling him Tommy2).

Not really sure the science behind this, but Tommy2 grows up to about Rebecca's age in a few years. There are sexual tensions when Tommy2 brings home a girlfriend.

There's a lot of weird questions you find yourself asking about love and sex.  For instance, when they were children, they were more or less like brothers and sisters.  As their role become mother and child, it becomes even more awkward. Is this socially acceptable? What is right and what is wrong?

I like the film a lot because it makes you question those things.

WOMB reminds me of another movie called MOON, which was released in 2009.  If you haven't seen MOON, just talking about the plot ruins the movie, so I'll just leave it at that.

My next film that I want to check out is called ANOTHER EARTH.  I don't think this movie is playing anywhere near me, but from seeing the trailer, I suspect this is an indie drama (lots of dialogue), with this weird backdrop of another Earth appearing in the sky.  Earth 1 is asking who/why is cloning their Earth?  Then you realized, not only is there a doppelgänger of you somewhere on Earth 2, but what if that other you made different decisions.  It's really interesting, what if you were to meet yourself.  Without even talking, that other person knows exactly who you are.