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Ruins (2008)

The Ruins (2008)
Director: Carter Smith
Writers: Scott B. Smith
Release Date: 4 April 2008, 22 July 2008 (DVD)
Genre: Horror

The Ruins: 91 minutes of Teenagers on a Mayan Temple

Let me ask you: does slow moving leaves and flowers scare you? 

For a horror picture, this one is pretty boring.  It's about some teenagers on holiday in Mexico, who accidentally touched some deadly, human eating plants at a Mayan temple.  The locals there, instead of trying to explain and help the kids, they are instead forced to go up on top of the temple.

For the next hour or so, the teenagers are eaten by the plants, one by one. 

That's it, that's basically the story.

Obviously, I didn't enjoy the film, but for gorehounds, there is a scene of severing a leg that's pretty disgusting.

My problem with the movie is that the locals, it looks to me, were only guarding the entrance of the place.  Why couldn't they built some sort of sled and get down at the opposite end?  Or better yet, just burn the plants as they did have the ability to set things on fire.

If you're in the mood for a horror movie about human eating plants, I would recommend Little Shop of Horror over this one.