Four Swords: Shaw Brothers Box Set (Feb 12, 2008)

Shaw Brothers Box Set
Feb 12, 2008

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SUB-GENRE:   Hong Kong Cinema
Year: 1970
Rating: Not Rated
Country: Hong Kong
SRP: $39.99
Release Date: 02/12/08
COLOR:   Yes
LENGTH:   439 minutes
LANGUAGE:   Chinese
WIDESCREEN:   Enhanced for 16x9 TVs
AUDIO FORMAT:   Dolby Digital 5.1
SUBTITLES:   English
DISCS:   4
ASPECT RATIO:   2.35:1
Action has never been swifter, sleeker or deadlier! The legendary Shaw Brothers brings you four untoppable masterpieces of swordplay and high-flying combat in this dynamite box set, packed with the martial arts action that set the pace for all others to follow. These four classic films, featuring the stars and creators of such international hits as Five Deadly Venoms and The Flying Guillotine, are now presented in razor-sharp, digitally remastered transfers to capture each deadly, lightning-fast swordstroke.

Collector's Set Includes:

  • Vengeance is a Golden Blade: The stage is set for a fast-moving story of greed, lust, death, and vengeance as a servant's daughter must escape from a murderous married couple who will stop at nothing to have a golden blade called "The Flying Dragon." Only a martial arts master familiar with the rare "Silver Swallow" technique can hope to stand up against these ferocious villains, leading to a fierce showdown that will determine the fate of the world's most deadly weapon!
  • Have Sword Will Travel: Enlisted with transporting a shipment of silver, two young master fighters Ti Lung and Li Ching encounter a suspicious, downtrodden swordsman who asks to accompany them. Believing him to be a member of the feared Flying Tiger Manor gang, they prepare to fight for their cargo but soon realize a very different plot might be in store for them all.
  • The Water Margin: This martial arts masterpiece is based on the true legend of how 108 rebel heroes living in the mountain, known as the Mountain Brothers, were able to repeatedly defeat invading Sung armies and finally get their revenge against the vile Golden Spear army for the murder of their great leader. Presented in its original, uncut international version.
  • The Wandering Swordsman: In this thrilling martial arts twist on the tale of Robin Hood, a charismatic highwayman with formidable sword skills decides to help the poor by robbing from thieves and distributing the wealth.

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